Making the Most of Therapy

Sometimes in therapy, it is difficult to talk.  Maybe you had a long list of things you wanted to discuss and you’re drawing a blank, or maybe the week you’ve had hasn’t been quite as stressful to you.  Either way, you might end up spending 30 minutes of the hour just sitting in silence, not sure of what to say.  However, with the mood triggers app, you could have something right in front of you that you could discuss.  Furthermore, this log will just be on your phone, so you will likely already have it with you and will not have to remember a journal.  You will easily be able to look at how your moods have been fluctuating since your last session, which will allow you to make the most of your therapy session.  Your therapist will also get a good look at your sleep and step intake, as well as see highs and lows of your anxiety/depression throughout the week.  This will not only allow each session to help the best it can, but it will also allow your therapist to know enough about your patterns to be able to help you significantly in just a few weeks!


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