Tracking Heart Rate is Beneficial

The Mood Triggers App not only prompts you to take surveys to track your mood, but also tracks your heart rate.  All you have to do is put your finger up to the camera on your phone for a short period of time, and your heart rate will be measured you.  Being able to track your heart rate will allow you to better control some of your anxiety, because you will be aRecognition is the First Stepware of a physical symptom that you can focus on.  This woman had a very good experience tracking her heart rate; before a panic attack, she was able to see what her heart rate was and from that, focus on breathing exercises to calm her down.  She was able to watch her heart rate decrease, and stop the panic attack from happening.

If you track your heart rate, you could have similar experiences.  As an increased heart rate is a symptom of a panic attack or significant anxiety, having that to focus on may help relax you.  If you are focusing on decreasing your heart rate (i.e., by doing a simple breathing exercise), you will not only be working on calming the involuntary pieces of a panic attack, but also distracting yourself from the panic or whatever may be giving you anxiety.  

Tracking your heart rate is a fantastic way to listen to what your body is trying to tell you about your anxiety, rather than just your thoughts/moods.  Anxiety is much more than racing thoughts; it affects parts of your body, which Mood Triggers will help you to be conscious of.


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