Hourly Surveys

The Mood Triggers app helps you help yourself.  With hourly prompts, you do not have to put effort into trying to remember to input your feelings.  Rather, the application will simply remind you that it is time to take a survey.  All you have to do is click on the notification, take a minute to reflect on your mood, and let the app do the rest.  The regularity of the survey is also important in tracking your mood, as it sees how your mood changes throughout the day.  If you are just reflecting on your mood at the end of the day, you will not have the full context; you will probably only remember the more intense moods and how you are feeling in the current moment.

This is ideal for when you’re trying to learn more about your mood, but don’t have lots of time to really sit down and reflect.  The app will gather all of your data, and simply tell you what may have the most triggering effects on your mood.  This is really important when you are trying to get better, because you cannot get better if you don’t know what you need to focus on, or what has the biggest impact on your mood.


Arousal and Anxiety

The Mood Triggers application allows you to report your arousal levels.  Arousal is often a physiological sign of your anxiety, and can be distracting when you are trying to focus.  Your muscles may be tense, your hands might begin sweating, your heart rate may speeden; your body will be focusing on the arousal from your anxiety, which will distract you from what is more important.  Using the app to track your arousal levels will you help you to see if this is a strong contributor to your anxiety, especially in comparison to helplessness, fatigue, hopelessness, avoidance, or anything else.  Once you are more aware of your physical symptoms of anxiety, you will be able to focus on fixing that.  If physiological arousal does seem to have a strong effect on you or is a regular occurrence, tracking it will help your therapy sessions become even more beneficial.  You will be able to tell your therapist exactly when (and why) you were feeling so anxious at the time as well as what symptoms were experiencing.  Through discussing your body’s arousal, you will be able to find and work on techniques that will work on calming your physical body, and in turn, calming your mind.

Negative Events Can Lead to Depression

It’s easy to have an attitude change after some event in your life (whether small or big).  However, you should not let something trigger your depression, especially a small event or perception of the event.  With the Mood Triggers App, you can find out if the main reason you are feeling depressed is because of how you process negative events.  With this information, you can work on handling negative situations with a different attitude.  While this may take time to do with ease, recognizing the problem is the first step to getting better.

Acknowledging that negative events may lead you to be more depressed can also help with therapy, for both the client and the therapist.  This will allow you to discuss any negative events that happen on a given day, and approach it with a different, more positive viewpoint.  Discussing events may help you to accept and move past certain things, as well as remove or lessen the intensity of any irrational thoughts you may have.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep is one of the most important aspects to your overall well being, including your mental health.  The Mood Triggers App allows you to track your sleeping patterns by allowing you to manually plug in your sleep and wake times.  By doing this, you will be able to see the pattern of what times you have been going to sleep and waking up, and will be able to observe a correlation between your sleep and mood.  Furthermore, when you are busy and forgetful of the time or when to go to sleep, the app will remind you to go to bed.

Lack of or too much sleep can contribute to the intensity of your depression/anxiety, so being aware of your sleeping patterns in correlation of your mood patterns could help you to have better control of how you feel.  Because the app does remind you to go to sleep, it will help you to remember that you should be at least thinking about going to bed soon, as sometimes it can be easy to forget to go to bed until its 2am!

There are a multitude of contributors to any mental illness, so identifying them and working towards healthier patterns, no matter what the pattern may be.  The Mood Triggers App can help you to be the healthiest, and happiest, you!

Personalized To You

The Mood Triggers app quickly becomes personalized to you.  Because you will be filling out surveys every hour, the app will become familiar with what is the main trigger of your anxiety or depression, and will have charts available to you, so that you can see what you, specifically, need to focus on in order to work on getting better.

This factor of the Mood Triggers app is also very beneficial for therapy.  The app will give you some aspects that you need to work on, such as “avoidance” or “helplessness”.  Once you have this information easily identified for you, which can be hard to do on your own, you will have something to focus and work on with your therapist.  

Identifying what is triggering your anxiety or depression can be difficult, but it is the most important step in getting better.  Because Mood Triggers is personalized to you and helping you improve, it provides information on what is the most triggering, as well as what is the least.  The app helps you learn more about yourself and your anxiety/depression, so that you can become the healthiest you!

Easy to Read Home Screen

Although the Mood Triggers app tracks and provides you with a lot of information, the home screen is easy to manage.  It provides you with a summary of your activities and moods, including your steps, heart rate, sleep, and anxiety/depression levels.  The information is shown on a screen that is very easy to look at, with light colors and writing.  You can easily access your results to see how your anxiety has been throughout the day, as well as what has been triggering your anxiety the most.  Furthermore, the survey is very easy to work; you can simply drag your selection to be either closer to “applied to me very much, or most of the time” or “did not apply to me at all”.  Because you will be taking the surveys often (you are prompted once an hour), you do not have to think too hard into the past to remember if something did or did not apply to you, as the question will only be regarding the past hour.  

Mood Triggers is very easy to use and look at, so you will not have to think too hard to be able to use the app and have it help you immensely.  There is no distraction from what you need to know, and it is easy to know and input your information quickly.  The goal of the app is to help you get better!

Tracking Heart Rate is Beneficial

The Mood Triggers App not only prompts you to take surveys to track your mood, but also tracks your heart rate.  All you have to do is put your finger up to the camera on your phone for a short period of time, and your heart rate will be measured you.  Being able to track your heart rate will allow you to better control some of your anxiety, because you will be aRecognition is the First Stepware of a physical symptom that you can focus on.  This woman had a very good experience tracking her heart rate; before a panic attack, she was able to see what her heart rate was and from that, focus on breathing exercises to calm her down.  She was able to watch her heart rate decrease, and stop the panic attack from happening.

If you track your heart rate, you could have similar experiences.  As an increased heart rate is a symptom of a panic attack or significant anxiety, having that to focus on may help relax you.  If you are focusing on decreasing your heart rate (i.e., by doing a simple breathing exercise), you will not only be working on calming the involuntary pieces of a panic attack, but also distracting yourself from the panic or whatever may be giving you anxiety.  

Tracking your heart rate is a fantastic way to listen to what your body is trying to tell you about your anxiety, rather than just your thoughts/moods.  Anxiety is much more than racing thoughts; it affects parts of your body, which Mood Triggers will help you to be conscious of.